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Assessment Software Of The Future
examN+ is a full-featured testing suite with secure, powerful, online and offline assessment solutions for health science programs.
Why examN+?
examN+ is a web-based testing solution with additional secure testing options on PCs, Macs, and iPads and offers an exhaustive library of features.
examN+ is designed with students and instructors in mind. Easily and intuitively navigate through every interface making both test administration and test taking a breeze.
Go beyond standard testing with features to enhance the exam process. Cutting edge machine learning and analysis techniques provide dynamic tools including automatic grading, proctoring, and offline testing.
Fully Customizable
Each implementation of examN+ can be customized to meet the specific needs of a program and tailored to ensure that every feature you need is present.
examN+ works in tandem with eMedley’s other solutions to provide 360° coverage of all program assessment needs.
Generate targeted data insights on student performance, easy-to-understand reports, and more through examN+’s extensive data intelligence features.
Featured Functionality
Automated Proctoring
Analytics and Dashboards
Team-based Learning
Lockdown Browser
Automated Proctoring
Automated Proctoring
examN+ is the only assessment platform with a fully-integrated automated-proctoring solution. Our proctoring system, eProctor, is easily enabled with a single click, giving instructors confidence that tests are taken securely and honestly.
Screen, camera, and audio recordings are available during the test and afterwards. Powerful and robust machine learning algorithms analyze recordings and identify suspicious behaviors to be reviewed by instructors. Let eProctor crackdown on academic misconduct so instructors can focus on education and instruction.
Analytics and Dashboards
Reporting and analytics are incredibly important when it comes to understanding testing behavior. Comprehensive and intelligent dashboards and reports provide immediate feedback regarding student strengths and weaknesses, question quality, and average performance across time. These reports offer invaluable insight for improving test questions and student success.
Team-based Learning
With the shift towards team-based learning, incorporating Individual Readiness Assurance Testing (iRAT) and Team Readiness Assurance Testing (tRAT) into the curriculum gives new insight into student readiness and improves learning outcomes. These new testing methodologies combined with Scratch-Off Style Testing provide administrators with the most advanced testing system.
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Lockdown Browser
Our custom lockdown browser helps to ensure secure testing. Maintain the integrity of exams by preventing students from using other programs and disabling common computer features like copy & pasting, screenshotting, and printing during the exam. The browser supports on and offline testing and is supported on PCs, Macs, and iPads.
The Testing Process

1. Test Creation & Preparation


Create exams with complex question types to perform a thorough assessment of student learning. Map questions to curriculum standards to understand how students are performing on each learning objective. Schedule exams using intuitive interfaces, customizing the experience with features such as proctoring, test review, single-question-per-page, security codes,  lockdown browser, and much more.

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Scheduling 1

2. Student Scheduling & Test Assignment

Using either the lockdown browser or an online setting, students can download tests for offline testing to take within the assigned time window. Test taking tools such as a highlighter, striker, magnifier, notepad and more may be used if enabled by the administrator. This testing environment is also capable of screen, video, and audio proctoring to ensure academic honesty.

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3. Grading & Test Review


After students have completed the customizable test review, use a variety of automatic grading tools such as rubrics and assigned answers to complete grading in half the time. Need to change the point values for a question? Give extra credit? Curve a test? No problem.

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4. Analytics & Intelligence

Use advanced reports and intuitive dashboards to assess strengths and weaknesses of students relative to standards and competencies, question quality, average performance, and curriculum improvement.

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