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Data Intelligence
Detailed Performance Data and Insights
Track individual students’ progress and mastery through reports and dashboards.
Data Intelligence
examN+ offers easy-to-use tools and reporting so that you can get exactly the data needed for students, tests, and more. Insights range from overall program and cohort performance, all the way to the ability to display every answer for every question on a test. Our data intelligence provides the information necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of your testing.
Item Analysis
Overall Performance
Student Mastery
Student Question Feedback
Item Analysis
By breaking down the test by performance on each individual question, administrators are given critical insight into the effectiveness of each question. Use item analysis to find questions that may need revision and ensure that performance levels are where they need to be. Overall statistics such as mean, median, mode, and Kuder-Richardson 20 are also automatically calculated.
Overall Performance
Exam score reports are a quick and easy way to view and export test scores. A flexible reporting structure allows reports to be dynamically generated across multiple tests, courses, cohorts, and/or students. Additionally, focus on a single student by viewing their scores across all tests.
Student Mastery
To track student learning and performance, examN+ allows for the mapping of questions to standards and competencies. Student Mastery reporting provides a breakdown of individual and overall student mastery of a concept by evaluating their performance on questions mapped to that concept. In this way, examN+ helps identify what areas a student has mastered, and what areas they should focus on moving forward.
Student Question Feedback
Enable the option for students to provide feedback on questions within the system after the test is taken. Gives insight into what is working, what isn’t working, if a question wasn’t covered enough in lecture, and so on.
Question Analysis by Test
View responses and frequencies for each question on a test, for the entire test, section term, or submission group.
Strengths/Opportunities Analysis
Displays a student’s mastery of each mapped standard in comparison to their peers.
Student Performance by Test
Student performance on every test they’ve taken.
Response Distribution by Test
Displays the breakdown of all responses to a test’s questions for certain question types.
Student Performance by Schedule Group
Displays student mastery on mapped standards in a test for students scheduled within a specified group.
Student Performance by Student
Student performance on standards in a test take by group of students.
Standards Gap/Overlay Analysis
Identify which standards or competencies are covered/not covered through tests.
Student Performance by Cohort
Student performance for a specified cohort by scores or standards.
Performance Dashboard
Easily view information about average score, number of submissions, number of tests created, standard deviations, score distribution, etc.
Break down testing data of your program by student, test, section, or overall.
View standard mastery by cohort and standard. See how much each test contributes to overall mastery of each standard.
View Test Performance
Turn the cursor into a line reader to go line by line.
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Data Intelligence