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Automated Proctoring
Ensuring the Integrity of Every Test Environment
eProctor records and flags any suspicious test-taking behavior for later review.
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Tips for student success
Proctoring Encourages Academic Integrity

As online education becomes increasingly relevant, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, proctoring has become both more important and more challenging. Teachers across the country had to devise new ways to securely administer tests remotely, and the challenges remote proctoring present can be discouraging when no guidance is available. However, proctoring is crucial for deterring academic misconduct; even minimal proctoring methods encourage students to resist cheating (see this study). examN+ uses eProctor, our automated proctoring system, to ensure integrity, helping instructors to rest easy.

Automated Proctoring
Reliable Software
Tests are securely and accurately proctored. eProctor uses facial tracking, multi-face detection, and hand movement detection.
Honest Exams
Students are less likely to cheat with secure proctoring, therefore increasing the integrity of tests.
Recorded Sessions
Test sessions are recorded, detected and available for administrative view afterwards.
Exam Time Windows
While scheduling an exam, administrators have the ability to set a specific time window for students for that said test.
Flexible Schedules
Exam time windows give students a more relaxed test schedule. They may have an increased amount of focus and capacity for the content.
Event Flagging
With powerful machinery, suspicious behavior is noted during the exam to be review by an instructor.
Central Information
Data is centrally housed, reducing data discrepancies.
Tracking and Reporting
Trends can be tracked across tests and time using advanced reporting capabilities.
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Step one
Proctoring Setup
Before the exam, administrators set up proctoring in our intuitive interface. They have the option to turn on proctoring, including webcam, microphone, and/or screen recordings. There is also the option to do automatic event flagging, in which the system tracks facial and environmental details and flags suspicious events using machine learning. The system is also flexible and customizable; e.g., some schools use environment checking, in which students have to show their testing environment before beginning the exam to ensure that there are no unapproved materials or people outside the camera view. We can implement this on a client-by-client basis.
Step two
Exam Proctoring
When the student begins the exam, they are prompted according to the proctoring settings. They may be prompted to turn on their camera or microphone, for example. During the test, recordings are uploaded to the cloud in intervals every few minutes for students who are online so that instructors can access the videos while the test is happening.
Live Proctoring
Step three
Proctoring Review
After the exam, the system flags suspicious events for review. Administrators can then review the recordings side by side with the student’s screen recordings to decide whether academic misconduct needs to be investigated. This interface is powerful and intuitive, showing a timeline of events along the bottom of the screen and a description of events along the side, making the review process easy and efficient.
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Automated Proctoring