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Our system is feature-rich without sacrificing simplicity.
ExamN+ offers a wide host of functions and customizations, all built into the system with user experience as a top concern, creating the most powerful, intuitive assessment system on the market.




Permission Levels

Assign faculty and administrators specific permissions to interfaces, tests, and question banks, easily ensuring that everyone has the appropriate level of access.


Because the platform is entirely web-based, users can access ExamN+ and all their data from any computer or tablet with internet access. This allows for flexibility for instructors and students. 

Single-Sign On

ExamN+ can be accessed through your school’s existing single-sign-on platform, or through eMedley’s default login, again allowing for increased flexibility based on your program’s preferences. 

Question Types



Multiple Choice Question

Choose a single option from a set of possible answers.

Multiple Response Question

Choose one or more options from a set of possible answers.

Dropdown Question

Choose a single option from a dropdown list of possible answers.

True/False Question

Answer true or false to a particular prompt.

Short Answer Question

Write a single-line response to an open-ended prompt.

Essay Question

Write a response spanning multiple lines to an open-ended prompt.

Passage Question

Allows multiple “sub-questions” related to a single prompt, whether it be a passage, image, etc.

Choice Matrix Question


Choose an answer option (column) for each row in a grid.

Matching Question

Match pairs of possible answers based on a prompt.

Fill In The Blank Question

Provide responses to complete a prompt containing one or more blank spaces.

Hotspot Question

Select one or more highlighted areas on a specific image.

Drawing Question

Make a freehand drawing on a blank canvas or a specific image.

Ordering Question

Rearrange a list of items in a particular order.

Question Management




Question Banks


Sort created questions into structured categories of your choosing which you can then access when making tests, making test creation easier and more organized. 

Parent-Child Structure

Create questions banks, sub-question banks, and so on, keeping even more complicated test structures organized and accessible. 

Question Import

Import external or previously created questions in bulk into examN+ from a file with an standard format, meaning minimal time spent on data entry. 

Question Rationale


Ask students to write a rationale for why the correct answer is correct, assessing their understanding in a more thorough way. 

Question Search


Easily find questions in the question banks with the ability to search by standard, question bank, ID, keywords, author, and so much more.

LaTeX Editor

Use the familiar LaTeX syntax to write chemistry, mathematical, and other common notation within your questions.


Nearly all question types supports images and graphics within both the question and answer. 



A user-friendly interface allows for aligning or tagging multiple questions to relevant standards, competencies, and more. Use these to review student performance on each topic, helping to refine the class’ focus going forward and with curriculum adjustments. 

Test Management




Paginated Tests

Create as many pages on a test as necessary to organize the test structure as you wish.

Archive Tests

Older tests do not have to be deleted, they can be archived for read-only use, or to be brought back at a later time.

Preview Tests

Tests can be previewed while they are being built, to visualize how it will appear to a student.


Create multiple versions of the same test, and easily switch between versions.

Randomize Question Order

Have examN+ automatically shuffle questions within the test for you, easily discouraging students from sharing answers. 

Randomize Answer Order


Have examN+ automatically shuffle the answer choices within a question for you, again encouraging academic integrity. 


Allow retakes for students under a specified score, with a specified point profile, automating the retake process. 

Feedback Questions

Next to each or specified questions, ask feedback questions to ascertain how students feel about the question or test. This information helps instructors going forward to know which topics were not covered enough, which questions were vague, etc. 

Scratch-Off Testing

Use the new, institute testing method of “retaking questions as you go.”

Point Profiles

Create point profiles that specify what percent of the total points a student can receive on a retake.


Have the system automatically schedule individual and group tests following the iRAT/tRAT process. 

Test Administration




Faculty Home

A dashboard of all relevant interfaces that a faculty may need to access, organized to follow the natural order of exam creation and administration. 

Highlighter Tool


Students can use this tool to highlight important text snippets in the question or answer.

Striker Tool

Students can use this tool to cross out answer choices in multiple-choice/multiple answer type questions.

Magnifier Tool

This tool turns the cursor into a magnifying glass, making text under the magnifier larger and easier to read.

Calculator Tool

Use this tool to enable a basic scientific calculator for questions that may require calculation.

Line Reader Tool

This tool turns the cursor into a line-reader, highlighting the text on the line your cursor is hovering over.

High Contrast Tool

Use this tool to enable a high contrast view of the question for accessability needs.

Mark For Review

Questions can be flagged for review at a later point in the test, and easily returned to.

Time Limits

Tests can be timed, forcing submission upon the end of the limit, or untimed.

Test Taking Window

Specify the dates and times through which the test is available to take. 

Download Window


Specify the dates and times through which the test is available to be downloaded.

Security Codes

Enable security codes that restrict students from starting a test, pausing a test, and resuming a test without a code.


Enable an on-screen scratch-pad for students to take notes on during a test.

Live Test Progress Tracking

During a test, view in real-time the responses of all students’ partaking.

Lockdown Browser



Offline Testing

Tests can be taken without internet and will be automatically uploaded to examN+ as soon as internet returns.

Download Tests

Using the lockdown browser, tests can be downloaded onto a device to be taken offline once internet connection is no longer available or stable. 

Web Access Prevention

The lockdown browser prevents a student from navigating to other sites or applications on their computer while a test is ongoing.

Keyboard Shortcut Prevention


The lockdown browser prevents a student from using keyboard shortcuts to copy or paste text from their clipboard.

Device Support

Through a Windows, Mac, or iPad device, access all the functionality within examN+, meaning maximum flexibility for instructors and students. 

Test Review




Review Window

Specify a period after the test during which a student can look at the solutions, encouraging students to do it in a timely manner and also protecting your assessment material. 

Security Codes

Add additional security for the test review process by requiring a security code to review answers. 





Partial Credit

For supported questions, choose between “all-or-nothing” grading or partial credit.

Manual Grading

Questions that require manual grading are intuitively presented in a way that maximizes the efficiency of grading.

Automatic Grading

Supported questions will be automatically scored, graded, and added to the total with no extra effort from you.

Question Adjustment


After a test, adjust point values to questions, apply a curve, throw out questions, etc.

Extra Credit

Mark questions as either being graded as part of the test score or as extra credit.

Grading Rubrics

Grade open-ended questions efficiently and more accurately by defining a rubric.





Question Analysis By Test

View responses and frequencies for each question on a test, for the entire test, section term, or submission group.

Response Distribution By Test

Displays the breakdown of all responses to a test’s questions for certain question types so instructors can see which answers students were favoring. 

Student Performance By Cohort


View student performance for a specified cohort by scores or standards.

Student Performance By Test


View student performance for a specified test by scores, standards, distributions, or responses.

Student Performance By Student


View student performance on standards on a test take, organized by individual students. 

Student Performance By Schedule Group

View student performance on standards on a test take, organized by their schedule group.

Standard Export

All generated reports can be easily exported from the system into a CSV or Excel sheet.

examN+ Dashboard


View intelligence graphs, charts, and displays to understand student, test, section, and overall behavior of a program.

Strengths/Opportunities Analysis

View each student’s progress on a test to better understand what the student has mastered and what they should focus on moving forward. 

Standards Gap/Overlap Analysis

View the alignment data from tests in a gap or overlap report to ensure that assessments are covering all topics in a way that aligns with your program’s goals. 

Automated Proctoring



Event Flagging

Data Intelligence marks suspicious behavior caught during recording for review. Suspicious actions flagged include: multiple faces in screen, head movements side-to-side, background movement, and more.


Environment Check

Before the test can begin, the test taker must rotate the camera around the room to record environment outside of the normal video view.


Video Recording

Through the test taker’s camera, their face and environment will be recorded and analyzed.

Screen Recording

The test taker’s screen, showing the student’s answering behavior, will be recorded and analyzed. 

Audio Recording

The test takers audio will be recorded for review.

Proctoring Dashboard


An intuitive dashboard presents the flagged events, and allows for further analysis into the results of proctoring.

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