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Student Performance
Understanding Student Performance and Mastery Level
examN+ offers comprehensive, intuitive reports to help faculty understand student performance, allowing for easy data gathering, curriculum adjustments, grade adjustments, and more.
Student Performance
Student Performance Tracking
Strengths and Opportunities
Track student performance on tests and compare results to peers as well as designated standards. Obtain targeted insights about the mastery of the tested material at the individual student level.
Score Analysis
View scores for a given test or all scores for selected students or cohorts in a succinct, easy-to-read format. Analyze the data to find trends relating to how students perform against their peers or if they are struggling with specific concepts.
Test Percentiles
Display the breakdown of all scores for a given test as well as their percentiles. Use this information to gain a general overview of how well students understood the tested material and insight into what areas need additional instruction.
Test Responses
View student responses to questions in a test alongside the correct answer, if answered incorrectly. Easily compare student performance and find commonly-missed questions to identify poorly-worded questions or gaps in instruction.
View the distribution of student scores to examine potential areas where the curriculum may be falling short for your students.
Measure student performance based on known industry standards to analyze a student’s skillset. Gain insight into how well students are doing in relation to overall course goals using the calculated mastery percentages and student proficiency indicators.
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Student Performance