Frequently Asked Questions
  • examN+ provides options for importing questions using a standard format. Our implementation team can also work with you to build custom imports as needed.

  • The questions with set answers by the administrators will automatically be graded. Other question types are flagged to be manually graded.

  • Only a web browser! All administrative pieces of examN+ are web-based, so the only software you need to create questions, create tests, schedule tests, view analytics, and more. Secure testing is only available with the lockdown browser that can be downloaded and installed on all modern PCs, Macs, or iPads.

  • Yes, the user-friendly test management interface allows teachers to create tests, assessments, review material and practice tests. They can use question banks and completely customize the format of the test to meet their needs.

  • Despite its complex functionality, examN+ is designed to be intuitive enough to understand and navigate without additional formal training. Help manuals are provided to guide users step-by-step through specific functionality. On-demand, one-on-one, or group training sessions are also available on request.

  • Yes both on and offline test-taking functionality is available through examN+. Tests taken through the web browser must be taken online. Through the Lockdown Browser, tests can be taken online or offline. Proctoring through the Lockdown Browser is available for both online and offline exams. 

  • Yes. Since examN+ is entirely web-based, it can be used on any device that has access to the internet. The lockdown browser can be downloaded on any device running MacOS, Windows, or iPad. 

  • The completed test will be uploaded to the system immediately upon the computer being brought back online and an internet connection is established.

  • None at all. Since the browser supports both online and offline testing, our design eliminates any concern of affecting other processes running on the student’s computer.

  • examN+ offers an extensive and powerful feature library. Check out our feature list to gain a better understanding of the rich functionality available to you. Customized features tailored to your program are also available upon request.

  • Yes! examN+ offers advanced functionality to easily and intuitively build grading rubrics that can be assigned to specific questions. Instructors can choose criteria from the rubric to efficiently assign points when grading these questions.

  • examN+ is currently the only system on the market with a fully integrated, built-in automated proctoring solution. eProctor is an advanced feature that handles screen, video, and audio recording, and has powerful machine learning features to automatically review recordings and provide robust event flagging and analytics.

  • Yes, tests can be assigned in the traditional way, but iRAT/tRAT formatted testing structures is also available.

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